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PC105 is a powerful hydraulic equipment designed for rapidly pressing pipes, in steel and polyetilene, with outside diameters up to 80 mm and wall thickness up to for 3 mm on steel pipes, and diameter 100 mm thickness 20 mm for polyetilene pipes. NOTE - the equipment can compress only ductile metals or plastics - NO CAST IRON - NO FRAGILE PIPES, the compression performances can vary depending on material tensile strength and upon the ratio diameter / thickness. The equipment is irreplaceable when in emergency situations, the flow coming from a damaged pipe must be arrested. The use is practical and simple; the main tool is an hydraulic cylinder that is screwed into a cross bar. A clamp formed by two rugged jaws sliding on threaded rods is installed around the pipe to press and fastened to the cylinder/cross bar assembly by the two rods, this group is now a strong hydraulic vice that the operator can power by an hydraulic hand pump. The cylinder will compress the pipe till the contact of the apposite walls. Once the wanted effect of flow arrest is achieved will be sufficient to hold in position the jaws, blocking the nuts, the pipe will remain locked and the flow arrested. The cross bar and the cylinder assembly can be removed from the clamp wich can be left in position as long as necessary. The operation can be repeated with other clamps, in another point of pipe. Gas and water companies - military and naval sectors, rescue and civil protection, refineries, chemical and petrochemical industries, pipe lines, depurators, power stations, under water works.